How to Reduce Snacking (12 Science-Based Tips)

Nom nom. If that's you all day, every day, here's how to reduce snacking so you can stick to your calorie target and achieve your fitness goals.

How to Reduce Snacking (12 Science-Based Tips)

Trying to figure out how to reduce snacking so you can stay on track for your fitness goals?

Well … you’re not alone in wanting to keep snacks safe from you.

That’s why we’ve put together these 12 tips that could (hopefully) help your snacks live happily ever after.

When choosing and storing snacks

#1: Buy single-serve options

This one’s simple and quite elegant: buy your snacks in single-serve packs with smaller portion sizes.

Unlike a family-size option, single-serve packs reduce the chances of you eating too much in one sitting. Need proof?

A 2014 study found that when given more food, people tend to eat more.

And sure, you could simply reach for another pack when you’re done. But let’s not forget you’re adding an extra step.

This creates inconvenience and gives you time to reconsider.

#2: Stop purchasing a large variety of snacks

Your pantry shouldn’t look like the supermarket snack aisle. The pop of colors is great — but not so good for your snacking spree.

A 2021 study has suggested that the more variety of food you have, the more you’ll eat.

This is all thanks to sensory-specific satiety.

That’s when a specific food becomes less appealing after eating it (until you feel full), while non-eaten foods remain appealing.

So, when you have just 1 or 2 snack options, you’re more likely to get bored and stop. This could help in reducing snacking.

And well … this is going to help you save some money on snacks too!

#3: Out of sight, out of mind

Can’t stop reaching out for your snacks? Try getting it out of your sight or making it harder to get to.

Put it somewhere that’s going to take effort to reach, like the top shelf of a cabinet. Or at least hide it away so you don’t see it so often.

Sounds simple enough, but does this really work? Yes!