How to Get Motivated for Working Out (15 Science-Based Tips)

Feel like the sofa is a gigantic magnet and your butt is made of metal? Let's change that. Here's how to get motivated for working out (15 tips).

How to Get Motivated for Working Out (15 Science-Based Tips)

You know working out is good for you. 

It floods your brain with bliss-boosting endorphins, gets you healthier, and puts you squarely on the path to achieving your dream body. 

The only catch? That crucial bit of motivation you need to get up — and to the gym. 

But there’s good news. Your motivation issue is fixable

In at least 15 different ways. Continue reading to learn how to get motivated for working out. 

You can “hack” your motivation

Motivation can seem … abstract. 

Elusive, like that Tinder date with whom you had a one-night stand, only to discover they deleted their account for a fresh start, just not with you, the next day. 

(*deadpan voice* Not a true story. At all. Really.) 

Unlike that slippery SOAB’s love and commitment, you can get ahold of motivation by understanding what it is and how it works. 

Motivation refers to the magical melding of external and internal influences that drives you to engage in goal-directed behavior:

  • External influences: Environmental or situational influences. Examples include expectations from family or friends. 
  • Internal influences: Personal and psychological factors. Examples include emotional (e.g., mood) and cognitive factors (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes).
Successfully achieving that goal creates a positive feedback loop that stokes the fire of motivation — helping you double down on your chosen set of actions. 

Um, what?

If you’re having trouble visualizing how it all works, here’s a nifty flowchart that may put things into perspective.

Motivation model with example

How to get motivated for working out

Alright. Simple enough, just 3 things we have to keep in mind:

  1. External influences
  2. Internal influences
  3. Feedback loop

For anyone interested in learning how to get motivated for working out, these are the 3 key things to tinker with so motivation comes knocking on your door. 

Let’s go through what you can do for each in order.